Brampton Facts

Brampton facts: A suburban city in Ontario, Canada. It is part of the region of Peel and Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Brampton was established as a village in 1853 with 50 residents, the name Brampton was derived from a market town in Cumbria, England. The city was first known as “The Flower Town of Canada”, due to the greenhouse industry.  Below are some quick facts about Brampton.


43.7248485-79.8996275 city of Brampton


Quick Facts about Brampton


  • Has a Population of 593,638 according to (2016 census)
  • Has an area of 265 square kilometers
  • Has about  8,775 businesses employing more than 150,584
  • Employees 33,549 jobs, manufacturing remained the second largest employment sector.
  • Immigrants comprise 50% of the population in Brampton
  • About 89 Mother Tongue languages are spoken (Urdu, Punjab, Chinese, etc)
  • Most immigrants who settle in Brampton originated from Indian, Pakistan, Chinese, Jamaica
  • It is the 9th largest city in Canada
  • It is Ontario’s 4th largest city
  • Has the 2nd highest growth rate  amongst Canada’s 50 largest cities



Brampton Facts you may be interested in


  • 22% of the adult population in Brampton have post-secondary education
  • There are 10 universities & 11 colleges located in Brampton and are within commuting distance
  • Brampton is the home of Canada’s busiest airport Lester B. Pearson with non-stop flights to 180 destinations in 60 countries around the globe;  32 million passengers on more than 70 airlines
  • Has the greatest concentration of major highways (about 7) in the country
  • Brampton is the home of 2 principal railways
  • The Traffic volume of Hwy 410 at Queens St  is approximately 140,000 vehicles per day
  • Parks more than 850 covering 3,600 hectares
  • KM of trails and woodlands 217
  • Has 25 community centers
  • Brampton has 11 Arenas
  • Has 17 Ice Rink pads
  • Hotels in Brampton are about 17
  • Brampton Library established in 1858 now has 6 permanent branches and 1 interim site. More than 73,000 patrons visit annually
  • Brampton has 2 world-class hospitals with state of the art technologies
  • Bramalea City Centre Bramalea City Centre opened in 1973 with 160 stores, now Brampton’s premier mall covers 82 acres with more than 300 outlets boasting more than 12 million visitors annually
  • Rose Theatre Completed in the fall of 2006 the Rose boasts more than 55,000 visitors a year
  • Brampton’s transit services known has (Zum)  services more than 70,000 passengers daily

Weather in Brampton


  • The average temperatures in January range from -6 to – 20ºC
  • The average temperature in July is between 18-20ºC
  • The average annual rainfall is about 684 mm
  • The average annual snowfall is 115 cm
  • The average annual sunshine is about 2038 hours


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